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Carlsbad Village Is Better Because Of You

Blog Post - February 2, 2022

Category: What's New

The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) began in the late 1970’s as the Village Merchants Association. From the beginning, its main purpose was to promote and support the businesses located in Carlsbad Village through robust event programming, promotion, stakeholder engagement, advocacy, downtown revitalization, and creating partnerships with other business-related associations and organizations. Today, CVA is an autonomous and completely self-funded 501c6 organization that also adds branding Carlsbad Village as a premier destination in North San Diego County as a main objective.

With hundreds of businesses in the Village and even more residents, CVA has its work cut out for it. That is why having a robust Board of Directors, solid Volunteer Ambassador corps, and dedicated members is more important today than ever before. 

The Carlsbad Village Association is pleased to announce for 2022 its new membership program complete with affordable options and automatic monthly payments, all offering a variety of rich member benefits and ongoing support services to the downtown businesses and residents. Please visit the link below for more information on the CVA membership program, or contact Tish Gehringer, Program Manager, at

Membership - Better Together

CVA History - Key Dates

September 1994 - formally established as a non-profit corporation called the Carlsbad Village Business Association. The downtown Farmers’ Market was established at the same time.

July 2009 - the Carlsbad Village Business Association and the Carlsbad Village Improvement Partnership (a local non-profit) consolidate their two boards to create the Carlsbad Village Association, as it is known today.

March 2012 - Urban Place Consulting Group is hired by the City of Carlsbad on a three-year contract to complete downtown revitalization and economic development projects. CVA Board of Directors acts in an advisory capacity during this time.

May 2015 - CVA’s Board of Directors take over operations and hires a part-time Program Manager to continue expanding programs and services in the Village, with some financial assistance from the city.

July 2018 - CVA is operating autonomously with a growing and sustainable infrastructure and strong, full-time staff, board and
volunteer development, along with diverse revenue sources to facilitate future growth and stability.

July 2019 - CVA becomes a Main Street America Affiliate program, joining a network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities nationwide, rural and urban, who share both a commitment to place and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.