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Our Mission:

The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is a non-profit organization whose core purpose is to lead the continual improvement of Carlsbad Village by promoting and enhancing its business, cultural, and community vitality, making it a premier destination.

Our Vision:

The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is dedicated to branding Carlsbad Village as a vibrant and welcoming destination for shopping, dining, services, leisure, and entertainment, by focusing on the following action items. CVA will endeavor to:

•    Increase awareness of Carlsbad Village as a user-friendly, walkable destination
•    Promote the unique character and historical significance of its downtown
•    Stimulate the local economy through commitment to high quality, accessible event programming
•    Foster the importance of a diverse environment where a variety of businesses can thrive
•    Develop educational programs to help nurture businesses, continuing its effort to sustain Carlsbad Village as a thriving community
•    Collaborate with other organizations who also consider Carlsbad Village their home
•    Nurture the relationship between the City, Village residents, and its businesses
•    Champion the importance of maintaining and improving the overall appeal of downtown streets, business facades, decorative and pedestrian lighting