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One Village. One Voice.

Carlsbad Village Business & Resident Meeting

Tuesday, March 14th

Enjoy complimentary coffee and networking from 8-8:45.  Scheduled program is from 8:45 - 9:30am. 

What's on the agenda for the March Village Voices meeting?

Come learn how to become a Green Certified Business from the City of Carlsbad and hear from Gelato Love, the first Green Certified Business is Carlsbad Village. The city is offering a FREE and VOLUNTARY Green Business Assistance Program, designed to help Carlsbad businesses (including home offices) operate sustainably and receive public recognition for their efforts. They meet you where you are at in terms of going green and give you all the tools and recommendations to run a sustainable operation. Just a few of the great benefits, besides creating a cleaner, healthier environment for your employees and customers is that there is $500 in state funding available for certified businesses to spend on green products and services (first come first serve), certification is a great marketing tool over your competition and is valid for three years, and you get free membership and recognition from the California Green Business Network.

Our second topic is: Understanding road design and its effects on how people drive, bike and walk

Changing community values, updated laws and access to more data have changed how the City of Carlsbad approaches street design, especially since the road system was first built. Learn about the tools the city uses to transform streets and how the city prioritizes different modes of travel on different streets. Ask questions about Carlsbad Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue Intersection Improvements and more.

Village Voices 2023 Schedule

Location: Dea Hurston New Village Arts Center (2787 State Street

JULY 11TH (Village Faire Shopping Center COURTYARD - outdoor venue)

The History of Village Voices

The Village Voices champions economic prosperity and quality of life for the Carlsbad Village by being the voice of businesses and promoting collaboration to help the business community grow. Village Voices is the voice of businesses in downtown Carlsbad.

Since 2015, Village Voices has provided downtown business owners, managers, their staff, and downtown residents a monthly snapshot of community events, city affairs, business promotion, and more and robust networking.

Thanks to the generosity of the New Village Arts team, we are proud to be returning to the heart of Carlsbad Village and look forward to sharing the new Dea Hurston New Village Arts Center with you all!

All Carlsbad Village residents, businesses, and Carlsbad enthusiasts are invited to join us.