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Carlsbad Village Clean-Ups

2024 Village Clean-Up Schedule 

JANUARY 13th - Meet at Pure Project

MARCH 23th - Meet at Village Faire (ROG Community Clean-Up)

MAY 18th - Meet at Pure Project

JULY 13th - Meet at Pure Project

SEPTEMBER 21st - Meet at Village Faire (ROG Community Clean-Up)

NOVEMBER 16th - Meet at Pure Project

All Clean-Ups are 9am - 11am. 

Over 1,900 pounds of trash collected through our efforts!

Join us in continuing the effort to keep Carlsbad Village clean!

Alongside our partners Handel's Ice Cream and Pure Project we continue our bi-monthly clean up efforts in 2023 and renew our promise to help keep our community litter free. With the help of re-purposed buckets from Handel's and re-purposed grain bags from Pure Project we are able to use less plastic and ensure that our clean ups don't add more waste to the environment. Now, if we could just find a solution for plastic gloves! 

This year, we are also proud to continue our partnership with Richness of Giving for two larger community clean ups that bring all of our local groups together for a more extensive reach into all the far ends of the Village and a hyper focused effort to collect our biggest litter problem CIGARETTE BUTTS! 

Bring your reusable gloves and trash grabbers if you have them! Thank you for your continued support.