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37th Annual Coastal Clean Up Day Is Almost Here!

Blog Post - September 14, 2021

Category: What's New

The 37th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day encourages you to Protect Your Happy Place as part of a global environmental effort! This year the event will be hosted in a remote format. This means you choose your cleanup location – whether that’s close to home or a place in need – and clean up anytime on Saturday the 18th. From coast to coast, organizations and individuals volunteer to clean up our parks, trails, beaches, mountains and open spaces on this day.

Join an army of socially-distanced Volunteer Environmental Champions to clean up litter and debris in your corner of San Diego County. Thousands of small efforts will help prevent TONS of litter from entering our creeks, bays and the ocean!

How to participate:

1. Register Online and you'll receive an email with full requirements and details on how to prepare.
2. Prepare your supplies. Put those used grocery bags to use! Gather your gardening or cleaning gloves, reusable buckets, litter grabbers, reusable water bottles and sturdy shoes.
3. Take pride in cleaning your neighborhood by walking your block or going to a Litter Hotspot, and keep track of your litter as you go along.
4. Separate your trash and recyclables! By properly separating, we're enhancing our recycling knowledge and supporting the recycling system. When you're finished, use your bins at home to dispose of trash and recycling.

You will be joining hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the world to remove pollution from our ecosystems!

For more information, visit and register to make a difference!

For information on National CleanUp Day, visit to see what is happening around the country and globe on this special day!