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Being In The Moment With Pop Up Art In Carlsbad Village

Blog Post - December 21, 2022

Category: What's New

Pop Up Art is designed to spark new interest in all mediums of the visual and performing arts while creating a dialogue around the value of the arts in daily life as cited in the City of Carlsbad's Arts & Culture Master Plan. Temporary art projects often have a predetermined life span, ranging from just mere hours to a few months to several years throughout Carlsbad. Supported by the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Office, it celebrates the array of talented local, regional and national artists. As free arts experiences for all ages, there are currently three components to the program:

  • Pop Up Art: An Interactive Encounter (formerly Family Open Studios)
  • Pop Up Art: Showcasing Local Talent (featured at Carlsbad Libraries)
  • Pop Up Art: A New Experience (in collaboration with the Carlsbad Village Association) 

The Carlsbad Village Association is currently managing its third Pop Up Art: A New Experience downtown with a small light art installation. Spontaneous Pop Up Art experiences provide opportunities for local artists and spurs economic development and more visits to the Village, while connecting to the city’s Arts & Culture Master Plan. 

Pop Up Art: Colors of the Season has enabled a local Carlsbad artist, Lauren LeVieux, to share some of her artwork through a creative and innovative light art program that projects her artwork onto the sidewalk. This after-dark, projected art installation features the interplay of technology, movement and color that changes depending on when you are experiencing it.

"I just think that a sidewalk in downtown Carlsbad is a perfect place for a projected pathway," said Lauren. "My favorite part of finishing up a project is watching the public interact with it. This piece has only been up a week, but I have enjoyed listening to people passing by saying, 'Ooh, it's art-  where is it coming from?' Some people walk around the projected pathway as if it would disturb the path. Some people walk on it while others stop and stare. One little girl in a stroller said "It's a lobster! Move me off the lobster!" Several people look up in the trees to see where the light is coming from."

Lauren, a Carlsbad resident for nearly 25 years, has a background in writing, literature and languages. She turned to oil painting in 2006 where she has discovered the possibilities of pushing canvas, color and line to express her perceptions beyond the limitations of word-based language.

Lauren has studied fine art at Mira Costa College from 2006 through 2012 where she was able to show her work in four art exhibits. She received her Bachelor of Arts in French Literature from the University of California, San Diego. Lauren worked for many years as a programmer and as a computational linguist, combining her language and computer skills. In 2000, she earned her Master of Arts in Writing and Literature from California State University of San Marcos.

Lauren has traveled extensively in Europe where she spent most of her teenage years and part of her early adult life. She is fluent in French, competent in German and familiar with Spanish and Persian. Art now offers Lauren a mode of communication that continues to excite and challenge her.

Since 2015, Lauren has created and exhibited her artwork from her studio at Liberty Station, Point Loma.

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