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BLOC Carlsbad Offers Convenient Workspace Options In The Village

Blog Post - October 27, 2020

Category: What's New

Many of us who typically work in an office have been required to work from home for many months due to the pandemic. And it appears that physical distancing may be required for the foreseeable future. But what if there were options other than working from your guestroom or dining room table? What if you had an option to work in a safe environment outside of your home, and one where you could even host a safe in-person meeting?

The flexible workspace options at BLOC on State Street include private offices that range in size from one to six person teams, as well as open space co-working desks. They also offer multiple meeting spaces both inside and out, and you can walk to the beach, catch the train, have lunch at Board & Brew or Campfire, or grab a coffee over at Steady State. And they have cold brew and kefir soda on tap for your snack breaks.

BLOC realizes that the world of the office worker has changed dramatically. And as they address that reality, they also believe that people’s need for connection and collaboration is more important than ever. That is why they are committed to creating a safe environment for their Members to thrive and why they are doing everything they can to create an environment that is safe for everyone.

BLOC has implemented heightened cleaning measures and have also increased the frequency with which their locations are cleaned and disinfected. Common, high-traffic areas and objects are also cleaned by staff throughout the day.

Masks are required when circulating throughout BLOC and anytime people are within six feet of one another.  Capacity in the open co-working areas have been reduced to ensure members can physically distance from one another by at least 6 ft. Every other desk features specially designed out-of-use signs to ensure proper and safe spacing.

Sanitization stations are conveniently located throughout the space. Stations include disinfectant wipes and/or spray, and FDA mandated WHO (World Health Organization) Formula 1, 80% alcohol hand sanitizer, made by local San Diego distillery, Pacific Spirits.

For more information on the great work being done by BLOC, including their full COVID-19 safety protocols, and the safe, affordable, and convenient workspace options they provide, visit them at