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Bring Your Hard to Recycle Plastics to Farmers Market

Blog Post - July 16, 2023

Category: What's New

For the next two Wednesdays (July 19 and 26) at the State Street Farmers Market you can join us by putting "non recyclable" plastics in the hands of Plastic Beach! Local non-profit, Plastic Beach, recycles and collects all forms of plastic that end up in our landfills and redirects it to companies who use it to create new products. By targeting retailers and companies using large amounts of plastic film products, founder Matthew Clough, created Plastic Beach to reduce the amount sent to our landfills.

Did you know that many of your household waste items (such as Amazon deliveries, bread bags, toilet paper wrap, etc.) are not a "curbside" recyclable product? That means they can't go in your recycle bin for pick up. In fact, at present, there is only one trash collection service in the United States that accepts plastic film materials in their curbside collection. This is where Plastic Beach comes in!

Plastic Beach "aims to educate businesses about the current limitations of plastic film materials recycling and how they can collect and divert these materials to bulk commercial recyclers. We also seek to work with suppliers who want to increase the recycled materials in their products and willing to work with our partners."

One of Plastic Beach's biggest recycling partners, Trex, uses recycled and reclaimed raw materials in their manufacturing process to create decking. Below are examples of recyclables accepted by Plastic Beach:

Look for us and the yellow bins at the south end of the Farmers Market at Carlsbad Village Drive & State St. Yellow bins will be located at Village Faire Shopping Center in between market days as well.