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Call For Artists For Pop Up Art: A New Experience

Blog Post - April 29, 2023

Category: What's New

Are you a local North County or San Diego County artist who loves a challenge? Then this call is for you!

The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is proud to be introducing Pop Up Art: A New Experience in June with the support of the City of Carlsbad Cultural Arts office. These pop up art experiences may range from a single experience to a short term of several days or a longer duration. The overall goal is to provide a greater awareness of local and regional artists and heighten the visibility of artists and the arts in Carlsbad.

Theme: Share your vision of Carlsbad - the beach, flower fields, lagoons, people, downtown, its history, the elements, the colors, etc., in a “Carlsbad Centric” design.

Canvas: The canvas is a surfboard. The artist's design must be done on a 6 foot blank surfboard in a vertical position for displaying. CVA will provide the surfboard and the surfboard display stands. Must be original artwork. The artists will be paid.

Display: All artwork will be on public display on Saturday, June 17th and then will be relocated to individual downtown businesses where they will remain on display during the week. On June 25th, all artwork will be on display at the 25th anniversary of Art in the Village, a one-day, open air art show comprising four downtown city blocks that features over 110 fine artists, live music, demonstrations, and more.

Submission: Submit to the artist’s name, business name, email address, phone number, Instagram handle if you have one, as well as a rough sketch of your design. The board will be six feet in length with the widest point of the board being 21 inches. Also include 4-5 pieces of artwork so we can get an idea of your style. Show us your best work!

Eligible art:
The six artists chosen by CVA, its board of directors, and the project art coordinator, will be given a new, blank surfboard base on which to create. Medium used can be acrylics, oils, airbrushing, mosaic, watercolor, resin, carving, mixed media, etc.

Important Dates:

Deadline to submit: Monday, May 15th
Notifications: End of Day on Tuesday, May 16th
Delivery of blank surfboards: By Wednesday, May 17th
Artwork completed and returned by: Friday, June 16th
Artwork on display: Saturday, June 17th

For more information, email Monica Martin, Art Coordinator, at