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Carlsbad Art Wall Brings Together Community

Blog Post - June 29, 2021

Category: What's New

On Saturday, June 26th, over 100 community members joined together to celebrate the life and passions of Jack Munday, a 16-year-old Carlsbad resident whose life was unexpectedly lost in an auto accident just one year ago this month. With artist Bryan Snyder, the creative force behind the Carlsbad Art Wall on the outside wall of Senor Grubby's on Carlsbad Village Drive, providing paint and "paint by number" art direction, family, friends, and community members all painted, shared stories, and celebrated Jack's life.

"I've been working closely with the Munday family since last year on creative ways to celebrate Jack's life," said Bryan. "This mural was inspired by many conversations with the family as well as Jack's art and journal. The second public art piece will be installed in Carlsbad next month."

Bryan went on to add, "Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated our dear friend Jack Munday, and than you Jack for inspiring kindness, humor, love and adventure in all of us!"

Please enjoy the love and community inspired by this moving piece af artwork.