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Carlsbad Businesses Moving Into The Red Tier

Blog Post - March 16, 2021

Category: What's New

We've waited a long time for this news and we couldn't be more excited! The state notified the County that it will be allowed to lift some COVID-19 restrictions starting Wednesday March 17th and move from the most restrictive Purple Tier into the less restrictive Red Tier. The change in tiers will allow restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and other businesses to begin moving operations indoors with capacity limits.

Beginning March 17th, restaurants and movie theaters will be allowed to resume indoor operations at 25 percent capacity, or 100 people, whichever is fewer. Gyms and fitness centers will be allowed to reopen indoor operations at 10 percent of their indoor capacity. Museums, zoos and aquariums will be able to open indoor operations at 25 percent capacity and retail and shopping centers will be able to increase their indoor operations to 50% capacity.

All establishments will still be required to follow social distancing and face covering guidelines for their employees and patrons.

“It is because of the efforts of our community that the County is able to move back into the Red Tier after four months of Purple Tier restrictions,” said Wilma J. Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer.

What does the Red Tier mean to Carlsbad Village businesses?

The biggest difference we will see is that indoor dining will now be allowed in some capacity as outlined. This is excellent news for so many restaurants that have only been able to operate in a very restricted manner. Outdoor dining will still be available as it has been during the pandemic. Several new changes have been introduced as well:

NEW – Breweries, tasting rooms, and distilleries are not required to serve food when selling alcohol (other restrictions still apply). Breweries, tasting rooms, and distilleries that do not serve food will use restaurant guidance.
NEW – April 1: Live sports will be able to have up to 20% audience capacity
NEW – April 1: Live outdoor events with assigned seating will be able to open with up to 20%
audience capacity

What's next? The Orange Tier is next. With continued diligence and adherence to safety requirements, we hope to move to this less restrictive tier soon. In the meantime, thank you for continuing to support our amazing small businesses and for returning to Mainstreet.