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Carlsbad Finally Moves Into The Less Restrictive Yellow Tier

Blog Post - June 8, 2021

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Yellow tier changes

As of June 8, 2021, San Diego County finally moved into the less restrictive tier, just one week before the tier system comes to an end June 15th. The information below is taken from the recent City Manager's Update to help you better understand what Carlsbad Village businesses are facing in the days to come and we hope you find them helpful.

Most of the yellow tier changes involve increasing the maximum number of people allowed to gather in various locations, like sports venues, concerts and private parties. Bars that don’t serve food can open indoors for the first time, and common areas in shopping centers can reopen. Saunas and steam rooms can open in gyms, and hotel spas can reopen. Remember this only starts next Wednesday and only if our numbers hold.

Here is the full list of what is allowed in which tiers.

What happens on June 15?

When the tiered system ends June 15, most activities can resume pre-pandemic operations, with the exception of “mega events” and workplaces. Here is a Q&A explaining rules for mega events, including what exactly qualifies as a mega event (in a nutshell, 5,000+ people indoors or 10,000+ outdoors). Here’s a flyer summarizing the new rules.

The California Department of Public Health will continue to “strongly encourage” general public health precautions, including:

Everyone should get vaccinated when eligible.

Indoor spaces should be well ventilated (i.e., open all windows and doors to increase natural airflow), following current CDPH and Cal/OSHA guidance.

Everyone should sign up for CA Notify as an added layer of protection for themselves and the community to receive alerts when they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

CDPH will continue to provide updated guidance for youth, health care and high-risk congregate settings.

What about masks?

Health officials will encourage people to wear masks according to the CDC’s updated guidance (which is also now the official state guidance). Here is a link to those recommendations, mostly having to do with being more careful indoors, in large groups and around people who are not vaccinated, such as children.

Workplaces: Not so fast

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, which is better known as Cal/OSHA, released the updated rules showing the changes. Here are some of the key provisions:

California workers in places like stores and restaurants — who interact with members of the public — will still need to mask up for the foreseeable future.
Workers indoors, like in office settings, may take off masks if everyone in a room is fully vaccinated and does not have COVID-19 symptoms. Masks would still be required if anyone in a room were not fully vaccinated.

Until July 31, employees in indoor settings or outdoor events of 10,000 or more people must continue to either physically distance from others or be given the option to wear respirators — like an N95 respirator — for voluntary use.

The proposal also states that workers must generally be allowed to wear masks if they choose to continue wearing one, even if it’s not required.

Existing rules require workers to wear masks and practice physical distancing unless they’re alone. People will still be required under a federal order to wear masks when taking public transportation after June 15, such as on planes, airports, buses, trains and transit stations.