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Carlsbad High School TV Features Longtime Village Business Owner

Blog Post - April 1, 2021

Category: What's New

When Carlsbad High School 9th graders Juliana Proctor and Dannika Witt walked by Olde Ivy Antiques in Carlsbad Village, they couldn't help but think that it had a very cool vibe and that people needed to know more about the venerable store. The two high school freshman are enrolled together in a Broadcast Journalism class and work with Carlsbad High School TV, known as CHSTV Worldwide. They were on assignment to produce a feature story for their broadcasting class when they crossed the front threshold of the last antique store in Carlsbad.

"I was very flattered that they took the time to interview me and learn more about Olde Ivy Antiques," said Lynne Petersen, owner. "Their questions were so well thought out and their photos and video really captured the essence of the store. I have been interviewed by professional reporters before and Juliana and Dannika were just as good!"

Watch the Video Here

The broadcast journalism students pitch a story topic to the content producers each month and then have three to four weeks to film, edit and ultimately air their story on CHSTV. Replays of past news reports, special assignments, and challenges can be found online at They also live stream local sporting events and offer live news broadcasts.

Recently the Village has had CHSTV coverage for its 4th annual Heart of the Village Blood Drive, its Follow Your Heart Treasure Hunt, and the Executive Director of the Carlsbad Village Association was interviewed on how the pandemic has affected small businesses downtown.

Olde Ivy Antiques is home to 22 vendor shops featuring books, jewelry, records, garden and home decor, and vintage finds. The 23-year-old store is an eclectic mix of old and new.

To learn more about Olde Ivy Antiques, watch the CHSTV news report here. To learn more about CHSTV Worldwide, click here.