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Carlsbad Merch Is On Sale At The Farmers' Market

Blog Post - November 2, 2021

Category: What's New

The Carlsbad Village Association is proud to announce that it has launched its very first merchandise line and now has canvas tote bags, t-shirts, and license plates for sale. Pull-over and zip up sweatshirts and t-shirts in additional colors are on their way soon!

The beautiful "storyboard" image that captures the essence of Carlsbad Village was graciously provided to us by local artist Rob Margis, the son of one our amazing volunteers, Colleen Margis. Come by the Farmers' Market Wednesdays starting at 2:30pm and say hi to Colleen. The merchandise table is at the north end of the market at the intersection of Grand Avenue and State Street.

Every piece of merchandise you buy will not only help support the Carlsbad Village Association but will also help us add to this fun and inspirational line of products. Thank you to the City of Carlsbad for being our very first customer, buying a little bit of everything to use as thank you swag for their volunteers, branding Carlsbad and the Village in the process. We appreciate your support!