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Carlsbad Village: Rich in History

Blog Post - July 15, 2015

Category: What's New

From the unique alkaline water at Alt Karlsbad to the beloved Twin Inns greeting visitors on what was old Hwy 101, Carlsbad has a rich history including a devastating land bust in 1900 and a tourism flood in the 1930’s.  The I-5 freeway connecting Carlsbad to Oceanside wasn’t even built until 1954.  Some referred to this area as the “Far West.” From the first written historical document of Carlsbad by Father Crespi on July 17, 1769 to today, Carlsbad has grown with a passion. 

The Village, complete with artistic murals dotting the urban landscape to its creative boutiques, independent theaters and eclectic dining options, just oozes with interesting historical facts.  Make the Carlsbad Historical Society on Beech Street in downtown Carlsbad a destination this summer to learn more about this gem we call Carlsbad Village.

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