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City Lights Up The Village

Blog Post - October 21, 2015

Category: What's New

Crossing Grand Avenue just got safer thanks to the installation of a new Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB).  The RRFB is located just west of the alley way and helps people cross Grand more safely near the Barrio Restaurant.  The neon sign is very noticeable and by its very nature alerts drivers in both directions that there are pedestrians about.  The light is activated when a pedestrian presses the button before crossing.  At night, the bright, flashing beacon is very effective in illuminating the crosswalk.  The Grand Avenue RRFB – the 5th out of 7 planned for the village - is solar powered and is much brighter than traditional crosswalk signs.  The City installed others on Pine, Carlsbad Blvd, and elsewhere throughout the village to help make it even more pedestrian-friendly.

In addition to the new RRFB, Grand Avenue is also getting a boost by having its sidewalk trees “uplighted” to make nights in the village even more lovely and comfortable for walking and shopping.  By the end of the year, the City’s goal is to also uplight as many trees as possible in the State Street/Grand Avenue fountain parking lot, especially on the northwest corner of State and Grand.  And finally, plans are underway to extend decorative tree lighting on State Street to the theater and to secure better power sources for the wrapped tree lights that are currently lighting up State Street.

With increased lighting throughout and safer crosswalks, the village will be just that much easier for visitors to enjoy the best of what it has to offer.