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CVA Member Profile: GelatoLove

Blog Post - August 11, 2020

Category: What's New

One taste of the authentic gelato lovingly and meticulously created by GelatoLove and you are momentarily transported to a patio café in Florence where the amazing sweet treat was invented. However, you are actually in the seaside town of Carlsbad Village. Paola Richard, President and CEO, previously owned and operated Gaia Gelato in Carlsbad and it became the inspiration for GelatoLove, where she has blended the best natural ingredients with the delicious food traditions of her native Italy to make a healthier choice of high-quality artisan gelato. GelatoLove contains a fraction of the calories compared to regular ice cream. The nutritional value ranges between 30 calories per 100 gram serving for Sorbets up to a maximum of 160 calories per 100 gram serving for the richer flavors like Chocolate and Pistachio. 

Not only can you sit outdoors at GelatoLove and enjoy a nearly endless menu of enticing flavors, but you can also request delivery at if you prefer. You'll receive your pints in a sanitized 'freeze-proof bag' at your doorstep.

In addition to creamy gelato, a new delight is now available both in store and for online orders - Tiramisu Cake. In collaboration with Zafferano Catering this new delight is a creamy combination of Italian mascarpone cheese, sponge cake, coffee and cacao. Another taste of Paola's Italian roots.

Do you wish you could enjoy gelato every day? If you are passionate about dessert design and preparation, GelatoLove is seeing passionate workers who would like to learn the art of making Italian gelato and custom made cakes. Consider joining this dynamic business; there's so many possibilities!

To reach GelatoLove, visit or visit them in person at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Ste. 104 inside the Village Faire Shopping Center.

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