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CVA Member Profile: Phoenix Sports

Blog Post - November 23, 2021

Category: What's New

With a focus on fundamentals and fun, owner/operator Douglas Goldfein brings his classroom management skills and knowledge to the sports field and helps children excel.

"I like to think of Phoenix Sports as a place where kids come, first and foremost, to have fun, but where they secretly learn how to play sports in the process," Douglas said. "We provide a non-competitive environment, without whistles and pressure, where kids learn the fundamentals, practice teamwork, and build confidence."

At Phoenix Sports, children will not be lost in large groups and each child will be on a plan to master the sport at a pace that is right for him or her. Douglas maintains a 6-7 child per coach ratio and limits groups to a maximum of 12. While soccer is a mainstay of the Phoenix Sports camps, they also incorporate basketball and baseball into their multi-sport camps and programs.

We work together, we learn together, we play together are the three tenets of Phoenix Sports. This social interaction and physical activity is key to kids of this age. Douglas has used his education background of nine years to develop a highly motivating reward system that enables camp goers the ability to earn Phoenix Dollars to be used to purchase everything from coloring books to fruit snacks to candy, while playing and having fun.

Currently a PE teacher at Kelly Elementary, Douglas understands the difficulties with a parent's schedule and therefore has designed his camps to be as flexible as possible.

With the holiday approaching, parents can look forward to Christmas Break Camp from December 20th to December 23rd. This four day camp offers both a half day and a full day schedule from 9am to 3pm. A half-day camp is considered any "three hour" period in that six hour timeframe. 

"Every day is built so that a parent can have their child attend an any time during the day," Douglas said.

With the holidays right around the corner and kids out of school, why not consider a fun and energizing alternative to the usual break. Phoenix Sports can turn time off into time well spent for boys and girls, ages two to 10.