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Family Friendly Skateboard Shop Calls Carlsbad Village Home

Blog Post - February 23, 2021

Category: What's New

This is not your typical skateboard shop. In fact, it’s far from it. Status Skateshop has found the perfect balance between catering to and servicing serious skateboard professionals while also becoming known as a family-oriented shop where parents and their children feel comfortable to explore the world of skateboarding.

Status Skateshop gets fresh inventory daily and is fully stocked for warm weather adventures. They carry a huge inventory of street-oriented, traditional skateboards including top brands like Element, Plan B, Zero, Blind, and Alien Workshop to name just a few. Many brands originated from right here in California. But as owner, Bryan Tracy, pointed out, being in a beach town it was important to provide easy access to cruisers (aka longboards), one wheel electric boards, and so much more.

Are you looking for a cool and eco-friendly way to crush your commute? Enter the world of the best cruiser skateboards. Compared to regular skateboards, cruisers are longer, easier to grip, and more stable. It has soft wheels to absorb bumps, making sure that you will be comfortable. In addition to the cruiser, skateboarding has come such a long way from its early days with other innovative products such as the one wheel electric skateboard, designed to make getting from point A to B fun, exciting, and in style. Status Skateshop is the exclusive Onewheel dealer for the Carlsbad and Oceanside area.

Ever heard of fingerboards? A fingerboard is a miniature replica of a skateboard that someone uses, or “rides,” typically with middle and index finger. Status Skateshop even has an amazing fingerboard park where people perform actual tricks replicated from skateboarding. If you haven’t seen this in action before, you should take time to check it out. And if handskates, a slightly bigger version of fingerboards, are in your future, look no further than Status Skateshop.

You will find every kind of protective gear, pads, helmets, accessories and apparel at Status Skateshop. Safety is very important to Bryan and his staff. That is why every staff member is a skateboard coach and is available to work one-on-one with their customers at the local skateparks.

“Organically we have become a family-oriented place where everyone can feel comfortable hanging out, talking, and learning,” Bryan said. “My son and I felt that Carlsbad needed an accessible skateboard shop that could be a destination for beginners and veterans alike. We think we have created that here with Status Skateshop.”

2801 Roosevelt St.