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Final Parking Management Plan Accepted By City Council

Blog Post - October 4, 2017

Category: What's New

At the Tuesday, Sept. 26 Carlsbad City Council meeting, City of Carlsbad staff presented the city's final Village, Barrio and Beach Area Parking Management Plan. The plan was accepted by City Council. Now, findings from the parking management plan will be incorporated into the new draft of the Village and Barrio Master Plan that is currently underway. Hearings will occur for the master plan in 2018. The draft Village and Barrio Master Plan will be released for public review prior to the public hearings.

Parking Management Plan Recommendations

To maximize the amount of parking available, efficiently manage its use, and improve accessibility for all, the study suggests several short to long-term strategies, including the following:

  • Create more parking by converting some red curbs and "curb cuts" that aren't needed to parking spots. Where possible, parallel parking spaces can be converted to angled spaces to create more parking.
  • Enhance enforcement of existing parking time limits, consider changing some time limits and add time limits to commercial areas to encourage turnover of parking spaces that improves access to businesses.
  • Encourage shared and leased parking arrangements by identifying underutilized private parking lots and partnering with the owners to make the parking lots available for public use during certain times of the day.
  • Use the parking in-lieu fee paid by developers to pay for shared or leased parking for public parking and improvements that reduce parking demand.
  • Make it easier to find parking through an app that shows where available spaces are located.
  • Encourage ride sharing with dedicated passenger pick-up/drop-off locations to reduce individual parking needs.

The study recommends that the city collect and analyze parking data regularly to understand current demand for and utilization of parking and to make timely decisions about parking management.

The draft parking management plan was released July 5, 2017 and was revised based on input from the community, Planning Commission and City Council.

The final plan and technical memorandum can be reviewed on the  city's website.