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Follow Your Heart Treasure Hunt Through Carlsbad Village

Blog Post - February 2, 2021

Category: What's New

In honor of Heart Health Month the Carlsbad Village Association, in collaboration with Barrio Glassworks will be hosting a fun, outdoor treasure hunt of sorts for blown glass hearts. Starting Saturday, February 6th and running through the end of President's Day (February 15th) you can follow your heart through Carlsbad Village on a hunt for one-of-a-kind blown glass creations. Barrio Glassworks will create and donate 50 collectible glass hearts that will be hidden throughout Carlsbad Village in some of its most iconic places. CVA will host a treasure hunt where community members will be given generalized clues about where they can find the hearts during the 10 day period. Each heart will be numbered to include the year and number and the finder will be asked to register their heart on the CVA-hosted webpage. Each heart will have a label affixed to it that will tell the finder where to register their found heart. Those who register their found glass hearts will be entered into a drawing for a custom glass blowing experience at Barrio Glassworks.

Stay tuned for more details on Instagram and Facebook as well as on our website. And, of course, keep your eyes peeled while walking through our lovely downtown as you never know when you just might come across something wonderful!