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Friday Night Live is Back!

Blog Post - April 12, 2017

Category: What's New

Live busker-style music returns to State Street through September!  The Carlsbad Village Association is pleased to be hosting live, local musicians every Friday night in the heart of our downtown.  As you stroll the streets while shopping, or are heading out to dinner or for a glass of wine or dessert, stop and enjoy the sounds of R&B, country, bluegrass, jazz and more from 6pm to 8pm on the corners of Carlsbad Village Drive and State Street as well as Grand Avenue and State Street.  Bring a light jacket and a folding chair if you want to sit for a while and relax in the heart of our downtown.  The schedule for April and May is as follows:

CCB = Located in front of the Carlsbad Chocolate Bar at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and State Street
VAI - Located in front of Viz Art Ink Gallery at the corner of Grand Avenue and State Street


Will Sumner - CCB and Evan Diamond - VAI


Bill Fedak - CCB and Cesar Barros - VAI


Mark Neilson - CCB and Dan McNay - VAI


Tiki Two Duo - CCB and John Caruso - VAI


Kira Tyla - CCB and Stage 4 - VAI

MAY 12

Daniel Isle Sky - CCB and Evan Diamond - VAI

MAY 19

Kira Tyla - CCB and Pink Trio - VAI

MAY 26

Peggy Mira - CCB and Moonlight Ramblers - VAI

Bring a light jacket, a folding chair, and a relaxing state of mind.  Enjoy downtown Carlsbad Village!