Gift Carlsbad Program Offers Instant Support For Carlsbad Businesses

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Did you know that gift cards are the number one present requested during the holidays and one of the very best ways to support your local businesses during this difficult time? That is why the Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is so excited about Gift Carlsbad, a program perfectly designed to help small businesses now, when they need it the most. Launched Labor Day Weekend, Gift Carlsbad helps fulfill the objective of the City of Carlsbad Business Recovery and Revitalization program by supporting local businesses continue in their recovery from the health pandemic's effects on their bottom line.

Gift Carlsbad is unique in that it will provide both immediate and future benefits. It is designed to put money directly into the bank accounts of Carlsbad’s small businesses right away and benefit them again at time of redemption. And the great news is that it will benefit you too through its bonus amount. It is a win-win for all! (Carlsbad businesses can sign up (the sooner the better) at For sign-up details and a link to the Quick Start Sign-Up Guide, email

The concept behind Gift Carlsbad is simple. When a gift card is purchased for a participating Carlsbad business, a bonus amount is given, at no additional charge, courtesy of a generous sponsorship by the Chamber's Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance and matching funds by the City of Carlsbad. In collaboration with the Carlsbad Village Association and Visit Carlsbad that are providing graphic and marketing support, Gift Carlsbad is a joint recovery effort to assist at a time when it is needed the most. And you can be a part of this recovery effort!

Visit to see the list of participating businesses throughout Carlsbad. Businesses of all types are included - restaurants, retail, service providers. Buy an eGift card for $25 or more and receive a bonus card for $5 at no additional charge. Buy an eGift for $40 or more and receive a bonus gift card for $10 at no additional charge. The great news is that the businesses you purchase gift cards for will receive the funds right away regardless of when that gift card is redeemed. Because this program provides the businesses with gift card purchase proceeds right away, it will help in their immediate recovery. And because 70% of customers spend more than the value of their gift card, it will benefit Carlsbad businesses again at time of redemption.

Take advantage of Gift Carlsbad now, while supplies last, to help your local business community in a very tangible and meaningful way. Thank that amazing teacher, essential worker, or supportive family member while lifting up Carlsbad’s small businesses and be a part of their ongoing recovery.