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Home Composting Booth At Farmers' Market

Blog Post - October 5, 2021

Category: What's New

Interested in home composting? On the first Wednesday of each month, visit the composting booth at the State Street Farmers' Market and talk to professionals from reEarth Consulting to learn more about geobins, worms, and more, and all about what the Carlsbad home composting program offers. 

To help residents compost at home, the City of Carlsbad offers free digital resources, newsletters, composting workshops, and subsidized compost bins to Carlsbad residents. Free for Carlsbad residents - sponsored by the City of Carlsbad's Sustainable Materials Management Division - hosted by Lucian Toma of and, as a program of

Join them to learn about the ins and outs of home composting. Learn what system is best for you, how to manage it successfully and how to use the resulting compost. Their workshops are live on Zoom and contain live lecture style presentations, demonstrations and discussions, giving the participants the opportunity to interact with the instructor and ask questions on the spot.

Three composting supplies are raffled each session! One Vermicompost Bin ($45 value), one Yard Compost Bin ($45 value) and one order of composting worms ($45 value).

Two sessions are offered on the same day to accommodate different schedules: 9AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4PM.

Spots are limited, so please register as soon as possible. The next workshop is on October 30th.