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Can't Wait For The "Summer Nights At The Market"

Blog Post - May 31, 2022

Category: What's New

Summertime is meant for dining outside. Unlike other places, our summers are not hot and humid. We rarely utter the word "muggy" and if we do it's fleeting. In a word, our summers are ideal. So, in our opinion, there is no better time to expand the State Street Farmers' Market and share our lovely downtown with locals and visitors alike

For seven consecutive Wednesday evenings, from June 29th through August 10th, the State Street Farmers' Market will move its hot food vendors from State Street to the fountain parking lot, just across Grand Avenue, into what we would like to call an International Food Court. With your favorites like Masala Cottage and Rafikiz Foods, House of Bao and Lady G's, everything from Kenyan to Indian to Filipino food and more will be available, with some seating and music, in one place.

"By moving some of our longstanding vendors to the new, temporary location, this will not only provide a fun summertime atmosphere for the market but will also enable us to add new vendors for our customers to try out for several weeks," said Christine Davis, Executive Director for the Carlsbad Village Association that has owned and hosted the market weekly since 1994.

"Most other markets have the ability to grow and expand to accommodate more vendors as time goes on," Christine said. "Our market is currently confined to one downtown block, so our ability to expand and experiment with new vendors is limited. This is a way to allow us to give some new folks a try in the hopes that they will someday either join us, when a spot opens up, or will fill in when a longtime vendor is unable to attend."

So mark your calendars to put away the cooking utensils for several weeks this summer and join us Wednesdays at the State Street Farmers' Market from 2:30pm to 7:00pm, where Grand Avenue and State Street meet!

For market information, visit State Street Farmers' Market.