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Let's All Do Our Part To Help Our Businesses Stay Safe And Stay Open

Blog Post - August 10, 2020

Category: What's New

The past five months have been hard for everyone. And, surprisingly enough, we haven't made it through it yet. That's why we ask everyone to play their part to help us keep our businesses open and thriving. The two biggest ways we can help our small businesses right now is by wearing a mask and by also practicing proper physical distancing. Of course, hand washing and not being in public if you're feeling sick is a given, but we can do so much more together. As long as the County Public Health Order requires that a mask be worn while inside an establishment, business owners and their employees have an obligation to make sure they and their customers comply. The easier we make it for them, the easier it will be for them to keep their doors open for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for supporting our amazing small businesses. We can't do this without you!