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Art In The Village Artist Spotlight: Jeff Prior Photography

Blog Post - June 2, 2023

Category: What's New

Meet Jeff Prior, one of the phenomenal photographers joining us on Sunday, June 25th for our 25th annual Art in the Village event in Carlsbad Village. Jeff is our 2023 Artist Ambassador. You might have seen one of his stunning photographs on window posters around town.

Jeff is an Oceanside-based photographer whose art is inspired by the beauty of our expansive and diverse coastline. Many of his photos are taken at the Oceanside Pier where he captures breath-taking sunsets and where he is often visited by the pelicans, seagulls, and snowy egrets that you will see in many of his photos.

Jeff shares that "most of the pelicans I photograph are the pelicans on the Oceanside Pier. These pelicans are used to people as they get fed from the people fishing on the Pier. For years I have loved walking the pier and seeing the pelicans. I noticed they had great personalities and started photographing them in an effort to capture their beauty, their quirkiness, their majesty and their mood. They are a great subject matter and I am always thrilled to see them.”

When looking at one of Jeff’s photos it’s easy to see how much he appreciates the beauty and unique details in the everyday objects around us. 

Jeff’s vivid, eye-catching photos have been an integral part of Art in the Village for many years. Each year we look forward to seeing which extraordinary photos he will captivate us with next.

“I love going to art shows, especially Art in the Village, because these shows bring the community together. I love talking with the people who come to my booth, and I often see many of my former students from years gone by (my wife Jody and I have owned Water Wise Swim School for 19 years).”

Jeff's booth location is in the center of Art in the Village at the intersection of Grand Ave. and State St.

Be sure to check out Jeff's website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook