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CVA Member Profile: Nico's Fish Market

Blog Post - June 7, 2022

Category: What's New

For those of you who know Al’s Café in the Village, you know that it is a local institution, celebrating 31 years (this July) of providing home-style breakfasts and lunches to locals and visitors alike in the heart of the Village. But now there is a new venture in town at Al's Cafe.

Nico's Fish Market and Al are teaming up to do a fish stand at the café located at 795 Carlsbad Village Dr. The fish stand will be open every Friday and Saturday, starting June 11th, from 5pm to 9pm (or until they sell out). The fish stand will be operating during Al's Cafe off hours.

At the fish stand, you will find poke, poke bowls, grilled fish burritos and bowls, oysters, tuna tostadas, and ice cold cerveza.

According to Nico, "All fish will be wild local caught from me and my friends' boat F/V Winnebago. My stand will be starting during the prime of local fishing season. Local Yellowtail, Bluefin, White Seabass, Bigeye's gonna be killer. Caught by Local Fishermen. Run by Local Fishermen."

Nico is a diehard surfer and fisherman who loves Carlsbad and its coastal values.

"I want to put out a high quality, honest product that is not only first-day fresh, but also a product that encompasses the values of Carlsbad locals: the love for the ocean and its community," Nico said. "Locally caught fish serves as a reminder that we live in the best city in the best country in the world. I don't take for granted being a local San Diegan."

In addition to being a fisherman, Nico learned the trade of being a fishmonger from the bottom up. He started as a busboy at El Pescador Fish Market when he was 18 years old, and worked his way up to being a fishmonger. He then worked at other famous fish market restaurants. He lived in Mexico City for four months, studying under the tutelage of acclaimed chef Federico Rigoletti, who founded the famous restaurant Contramar. Finally, he worked wholesale at Hawaiian Fresh Seafood, learning the supplier side. His knowledge of learning this trade from the ground up will help him go far!

Come make Nico's Fish Market grand opening a true success. We look forward to seeing you there this Friday and Saturday evening!