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Outdoor Dining Resumes Throughout Carlsbad Village

Blog Post - January 27, 2021

Category: What's New

Thanks to the stay at home order being lifted after seven weeks, Carlsbad Village is once again in the Purple Tier and outdoor dining can resume. Other businesses can also, thankfully, return to indoor operations with limited capacity. Those include hair salons, barber shops, personal services, and others. To learn more about the new rules and regulations, click here.

For Carlsbad Village, that means that many of it’s nearly 90 restaurants that were either closed entirely or relegated to takeout service only, are now able to resume serving outdoors. With heaters galore, they are committed to making outdoor dining through the winter pleasant, fun, and delicious!

The Village Faire Shops & Restaurants is home to 10 eateries including Clara, Compass, Coyote Bar & Grill, GelatoLove, Gonzo Ramen, Hooked on Poke, Gregorio's, Naked Café, Taste of the Himalayas, and Vinaka Café. An 11th eatery, American Heroes, will be opening mid-February. Every possible meal, snack or treat is covered from a delicious breakfast at Naked Café, a delightful lunch at Gonzo Ramen, and a scrumptious dinner at Clara. For a treat, GelatoLove has you covered or consider a mocha from Vinaka Café, or a glass of wine on the patio at Coyote Bar & Grill. In short, the Village Faire Shops & Restaurants have everything you need for wonderful outdoor dining. They are located at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive and have ample public parking, a beautiful fountain courtyard, and lots of great shopping too!

*Note: photo taken pre-pandemic. Thank you for understanding.