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Call For Artists! Pop-Up Art: Spring Kaleidoscope

Blog Post - January 16, 2024

Category: What's New

The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is making a regional call for artists in an effort to bring local San Diego artists and small business owners together to bring visual interest to business storefronts and to share a variety of artistic talents with the community.


To most, a Kaleidoscope is a toy in the shape of a tube that you look through to see different patterns of light. It is mesmerizing. But did you also know that the word Kaleidoscope is derived from an Ancient Greek word that means “beautiful, beauty" and “that which is seen; the observation of beautiful forms."

Spring is considered an awakening or rebirth. Many fun things happen during the spring season. Springtime flowers begin to bloom, days start to get longer, the temperatures start to rise. We are asking artists to help springtime come alive in Carlsbad Village through their vision of nature, kites, flowers, butterflies, children playing, colors and patterns of the season, and images that evoke the change in season.

CVA is looking for 10 artists to be a part of this unique temporary pop-up art program. For more information on the theme, eligible art, the jury process, and timeline, please email CVA’s art coordinator, Monica Martin, at

Carlsbad realizes an inclusive vision of the arts and culture in everyday life, while stimulating an expanding creative sector economy. Original and unique artistic creations, as temporary public art, spur dialogue and enhance the Village as a destination, while connecting to major city initiatives as outlined in the Village and Barrio and the Arts & Culture Master Plans.

This program is managed by the Carlsbad Village Association and is supported by the City of Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts.