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Some Very Fun and Festive Village Holiday Windows

Blog Post - December 21, 2022

Category: What's New

There was a little more holiday spirit in the Village this year thanks to our downtown businesses. The Village enjoyed garland wrapped light poles adorned with crimson red and gold bows, and festive light pole banners. Even hanging baskets with poinsettias and poinsettias in the median in the heart of the Village could be seen. And, Village businesses decorated their window displays with fun and festive messages, twinkle lights, splashes of color, and more, which added to the seasonal ambiance.

This year, CalRes Realty (2691 State St.), a women-owned, women-run professional real estate and property management company ran away with the Best in Show category in the Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) Holiday Window Decorating Contest! Each year since 2018, CalRes Realty has participated with creative window designs and themes. This year, there was just no denying their Best in Show bid. Stacy, TJ, Maria (owner), and Kellie bring it every time, and we are so grateful for their CVA Membership and for being such an integral part of Carlsbad Village. Congratulations ladies! You have won an advertisement in the Carlsbad Magazine, complements of CVA Member, Tim Wrisley, publisher of the magazine.

The window display that resonated with the kiddos this year, was none other than Happy Pawlidays at Carlsbad Pet & Feed (2832 State St.) A newcomer to the Holiday Window Decorating Contest, Carlsbad Pet & Feed captured a surfing Santa and his four legged canine sidekick perfectly for our coastal town. Congratulations to the Carlsbad Pet & Feed team! You have won a free print and digital advertisement in the Coast News, courtesy of our Village representative, Sue Otto, who started the Carlsbad Village page with CVA five years ago to specifically promote our amazing downtown businesses.