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Start Feeling Better Than You Have In Years With Revive

Blog Post - January 4, 2022

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Welcoming a new year and another opportunity to make it the best year ever never gets old, does it? There is something refreshing about new beginnings.

One of the most common New Year Resolutions is to feel better. Improve our health. Because when we feel good, everything else is easier to manage, right? The team at Revive Naturopathic Medicine, in the heart of Carlsbad Village, live and breathe this desire every day and help people just like you and me make the most of what we have.

Have you ever uttered these words?

-    I need to get back on track
-    I’ve tried everything
-    What can I do to feel well again?
-    I want natural, alternative treatments 
-    I need a guide who I can trust
-    What I’m doing isn’t working
-    I just want to feel good again

The Naturopathic Approach

Revive Naturopathic Medicine provides comprehensive healthcare, education, and inspiration for patients seeking an individualized and integrative approach to their healthcare. Their areas of focus include weight control, digestive dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy, thyroid conditions, women's health, stress management, sleep issues, fatigue, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, diabetes and blood sugar regulation, and other health conditions. Their holistic approach allows their patients to truly improve their health and not simply manage the disease.

(Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND)

Established by Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND, a passionate functional medicine and brain health advocate with experience providing integrative medical care for his patients, Revive has facilitated great success in treating complex chronic health conditions. With a broad toolbox of therapies and laboratory investigation, the team at Revive helps their patients get to the root of their problem, understand the variables contributing and make actionable steps to help them overcome their health challenges.

All licensed Naturopathic Doctors, the team at Revive also includes Dr. Lila Lewenstein, Dr. Brian Myers, and Dr. Emma Andre, each passionate about addressing the underlying cause of a patient's symptoms and creating an individualized treatment plan that fits with an individual's lifestyle. 

(Dr. Lila Lewenstein, ND)

(Dr. Emma Andre, ND)

(Dr. Brian Myers, ND)

Helpful Resources

With the recent excesses so common during the holidays, how does a diet specifically designed to lower inflammation, regulate blood sugar, increase energy, improve digestion, balance hormones, stabilize mood, and burn fat sound? Sign up for Dr. Derek’s free 30-Day Recharge Diet eBook on their website. And if you are looking for more health-related information you will find valuable holistic health articles and updates from Dr. Derek and the knowledgeable staff at Revive through their free eNewsletter, also available on their website.

Make this your best feeling year yet. Give the team at Revive Naturopathic Medicine a call or visit them online to learn more today!