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Carlsbad Artist Taylor Gallegos Paints The Carlsbad Art Wall

Blog Post - March 23, 2021

Category: What's New

Starting the weekend of March 19th, Carlsbad artist Taylor Gallegos began painting the Carlsbad Art Wall’s 28th mural located on the east-facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village. It is now finished and it tells an exceptional story.

Taylor’s mural titled Flow State, includes recognizable figures, as well as lesser known people, who all share the ability to enter an intense moment of concentration and focus.

“Flow state is that state of being when times stands still,” Gallegos said. “It’s you and whatever you are doing. You totally zone in, focus and relax; everything just start to go in the direction you want it.”

The focused eyes of Kobe Bryant stare out from the center composition above a nameless figure deep in meditation. Carlos Santana is depicted in mid solo, eyes closed and transcended to a place only he and his music occupies. Women’s surfing world champion Stephanie Gilmore is shown locked in with the ocean below her and an artist sees nothing but colors on a canvas.

“I only had room for a few flow-state examples in this design,” Gallegos said, “We all have our ways of getting in the zone; this mural represents all passions. From knitting to science, we all have our activity that enables a flow state; this mural represents each and every one of them.”

As we ascend from the depths of the pandemic, focus is a theme that we can all benefit from. Whether it is for your business, your health or your newfound passion, it is time to get back on track—it’s time to find your flow state.

The Carlsbad Art Wall is curated by local artist Bryan Snyder, and is a project collaboration by Snyder Art and Design and Señor Grubby’s.

Video: Watch Taylor Gallegos in action, painting the art wall live!