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The Passion For Carlsbad Village Never Stops

Blog Post - April 23, 2023

Category: What's New

Join us in continuing the effort to keep Carlsbad Village clean! Hundreds of pounds of trash and buckets and buckets of cigarette butts have been removed from the streets of downtown Carlsbad thanks to dozens of dedicated and passionate volunteers who love Carlsbad Village. 

Alongside CVA members, Handel's Ice Cream and Pure Project Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) continues its bi-monthly clean up efforts in 2023 and renews its promise to help keep our community litter free.

With the help of re-purposed buckets from Handel's and re-purposed grain bags from Pure Project Carlsbad, we are able to use less plastic and ensure that our clean ups don't add more waste to the environment.

Saturday, May 13th
9am to 11am
2825 State Street

Bring your reusable gloves and trash grabbers if you have them, but we will have supplies available for those without. And who knows, you just might walk away with a free ice cream cone card from Handel's or a special discount at Pure Project Carlsbad for coming out and volunteering some time.

Thank you for your continued support. It takes a Village; and we are glad you are part of it.