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Village Shines in City Video

Blog Post - September 30, 2015

Category: What's New

For all of us who live, work or play here, we know that the Village is the heart of Carlsbad.  With seven miles of beaches, world-class hotels, dining, shopping, and leisure activities at our fingertips, the Village is a tourist Mecca.  And for those of us who are fortunate enough to work here, we know that the Village has a vibrant economy of its own with a mix of visitors and loyal locals.

Each summer the City delivers its State of the City address complete with a video presentation.  This is an excellent time for Carlsbad residents and visitors to learn about the economic climate of their city as well as its growth potential.  The State of the City is always a bit of looking back to see how far we've come and looking forward and recognizing all of the untapped opportunities.

The State of the City video is shown at an annual luncheon as well as being shown free-of-charge at one of the city libraries.  The link to the video is also available on the city website and the City offers DVD's as well.  However, some residents and our "out of town locals" who visit us several times per year, still have never seen the latest State of the City video.  This year's video highlights the revitalization and vibrancy of the Village in great detail and really makes it shine.

Sit back and relax and watch Carlsbad, and in particular the Village, come alive right before your eyes.  Enjoy!

State of the City 2015 Video Link