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Village Voices on Tuesday!

Blog Post - July 27, 2016

Category: What's New

Tuesday, August 2nd -- Special Merchant Meeting!

On the first Tuesday of every month, Village merchants, residents and visitors spend one hour together over coffee and donuts to network, learn about Village events, and hear from City staff.  This coming Tuesday, August 5th, we will be hearing from Jodee Sasway, Community Relations Manager, Public Information & Crime Prevention Specialist, with the Carlsbad Police Department.  Ms. Sasway will be speaking on safety issues affecting Village merchants, their businesses and retail operations.  She will also provide attendees with safety options.

At this Village Voices we will also learn about the Shop with the Chef Dinner, the 18th Annual Art in the Village, and much more!  

Location: 2922 State Street
Time: 8:30am - 9:30am

Call 760-644-2121 or email for more information.