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We Need Community Input Wed, July 13th

Blog Post - July 5, 2016

Category: What's New

Your voice is important.  That is why the City is taking extra time to hear from you - residents and merchants - about the Village and Barrio Master Plan.  The master plan will seek to create a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, downtown center and a rejuvenated Barrio.  It will be the roadmap to help both areas move forward.  

With an important parking study also underway, the City is gathering vital information and will consider all when making its final determination on the Village and Barrio Master Plan in the future.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to share your opinion and make your voice heard!  This Special Meeting takes place on Wednesday, July 13th and starts at 6pm at the Senior Center (799 Pine Ave).  The Village and Barrio Master Plan can be read on line at VBMP.

If you have questions about the Special Meeting, feel free to contact Senior Planner Scott Donnell at 760-602-4618 or by email at