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What's at Your Farmer's Market?

Blog Post - July 29, 2015

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More than 6,000 farmers work to make agriculture a 1.5 billion dollar industry in San Diego County. Many of our county's growers operate small family farms, with 65% harvesting nine acres or less. They have developed a reputation for quality, high-value specialty crops. Local produce is fresher; local food supports local farmers (who in turn spend their dollars locally); buying local protects the environment (less transportation and storage than non-local food); and buying local preserves diversity by providing marketing outlets for the small acreage growers of heirloom, culinary, ethnic and specialty crops not always found in traditional stores.

There's more than just produce at the market though - there are over 50 individual vendors at Carlsbad’s State Street Farmers’ Market offering a cornucopia of delicious items.  There are also food trucks and vendors for on-site or take-home eating.  And there are crafters on-site offering soaps, oils, lotions, wood planters, jewelry, clothing and more!  Consider the State Street Farmers’ Market a great alternative to one of your weekly trips to the grocery store for fresher items and great variety.  Located on State Street in the heart of Carlsbad Village.

What farm-fresh, local delicacies are available at your Farmers’ Market?

Artisan Breads and Rolls
Bitchin’ Sauce
French Pastries and cakes
Fruit and Vegetables (from apples to zucchini and everything in between)
Garlic Rub
Green Drink
Hummus and chips
Macaroons (vegan Rickaroons)
Olive Oil and Olives
Oysters and Sea Urchins
Pesto Sauce
Pickles and Sauerkraut
Raw foods (coconut oil, supplements and more)
Salami and cured meats
Teas (loose leaf and bagged)

Food trucks/vendors include:

Acai Bowls and Smoothies
Cuban Sandwiches
Grilled Artichokes
Kettle Corn
Thai Food