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Why Keeping Our Businesses Safe Is More Important Than Ever

Blog Post - September 22, 2020

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We dodged a bullet. Here it is, the third week in September, six months after the initial pandemic-related shutdown of the small businesses in Carlsbad Village, and we almost faced another rollback to a more strict tier than the one we are in. But, thankfully, no businesses were forced to cease indoor operations and all currently open can continue to safely operate as they have been with the hopes of better days to come.

When speaking with small business owners in our downtown, what they fear the most is not just another shutdown, but the yo-yo effect of being open and closed repeatedly. Just when they think they are hitting their stride again and customers are finding their way back, a shutdown could be devastating. And planning the future of a business, making seasonal purchases, committing to new product lines, and hiring for the holidays, is all hard to do with the threat of another shutdown or rollback of operations always a possibility.

As the retailers, restaurants, galleries, salons, churches, and service businesses in Carlsbad Village continue to focus on maintaining a safe environment for their employees and customers, we all still play a role. One of the very best things we can do, besides staying home if we are feeling sick of course, is to wear a mask in public. Put another way, if you wouldn't think of going inside a Costco without a mask on, please think the same way when you shop, dine or receive a service at a small business in Carlsbad Village. They are counting on all of us to help them keep their doors open. Wearing a mask is one of the best ways we can do this. Thank you for your continued supporting of the downtown businesses!