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18 Adventurous Carlsbad Village Treasure Hunt Winners Announced!

Blog Post - December 2, 2020

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The first-ever Carlsbad Village Treasure Hunt is in the books. And what a success it was! The Carlsbad Village Association curated 22 questions including a mix of historical facts from iconic downtown locations, fun photo opportunities, and chances for small business interaction. Players enjoyed time in the Village exploring, searching, and using a bit of wit and wisdom to complete the game card.

A total of 64 entries were submitted. The comments along with the entries were heartwarming. So many players were grateful to have a fun game to play with family and friends, in the fresh air. Many said they met store owners they had not met before and discovered things about the Village and its history they never knew. The comments were wonderful to read.

Thirteen entries contained correct answers to all 22 questions. Those 13 players were eligible to win one of the two Grand Prize gifts valued at $100 each generously sponsored by Visit Carlsbad and the Village Faire Shopping Center.

The two Grand Prize winners, who will be contacted by email regarding their prize, are:

Chad F. - Visit Carlsbad
Tiffany H. - Village Faire Shopping Center

The game cards of the remaining 11 players from the first group were added to the 51 game cards that had 13 or more answers correct. A total of 16 winners were chosen from this group of 62 entries. Each of these 16 winners will receive a $50 gift card provided by the sponsor listed next to their name.

The 16 winners, who will be contacted via email about their prize, are:

Kristen H. - Adore Boutique
Andre B. - Park 101
Marissa M. - Baba Coffee
Anne M. - BLOC
Conner C. - Carlsbad Village Music
Bryan S. - Engel & Volkers
Jennifer C. - GelatoLove
Gloria G. - Handel's Ice Cream
Jennifer B. - Jayden P Boutique
Maureen G. - Aranelle
Joyleen T. - Pedego Carlsbad
Bradley B. - Pure Project
Michaela C. - Senor Grubby's
Barbara J. - Trove Marketplace
Catherine P. - Village Rock Shop
Maverick O. - Carlsbad Village Association

A total of $1,000 will be given away in total!

The three trickiest questions were:

How many leaves are in the Pure Project (2825 State St.) logo? The answer is six. There are six black leaves. The blue water drop atop the logo is not a leaf.

How many painted holiday ornaments (and what color) are “hanging” in the window of GelatoLove (300 Carlsbad Village Dr. #104)? The answer is two red ornaments. Quite a few people got the number right but did not include the color.

On what date was the Carlsbad Santa Fe Depot (400 Carlsbad Village Dr.) that is now Visit Carlsbad, listed on the National Register of Historic Places? The date, found on the historic marker, is September 30, 1993. Quite a few people just wrote in the year 1993 but did not include the date.

Thank you to everyone who played and in doing so, supported Carlsbad Village. We appreciate your support more than you know. We look forward to hosting another Carlsbad Village Treasure Hunt in the near future!