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Carlsbad Village Association Welcomes New Members

Blog Post - September 8, 2021

Category: What's New

The goal and mission of the Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is to support the small businesses in downtown Carlsbad and help make it a premier destination. While CVA supports and benefits all businesses in the Village, its members receive enhanced benefits and also the knowledge that they are helping us achieve our goals every single day. 

We are so grateful to both our returning members and our new members, both businesses and resident members, for joining us in making Carlsbad Village the best it can be. And thank you for supporting all of the amazing small businesses in Carlsbad Village. We truly are what small business is all about!

For a complete list of CVA members, please visit the Member Directory on the Carlsbad Village Association website.


CVA would like to give a warm welcome to our newest members. We look forward to working with them and helping them achieve their goals!

Carlsbad Village Coins
Le Papagayo
Riddle Routes
Beach Vibes
Carlsbad Timeshare Rentals
Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Community
ELM (Easy Life Management)
Grace Shelley Fine Art

Resident Member: Katie Taylor

If you are a downtown business that would like to be more involved and receive an enhanced level of support from the Carlsbad Village Association, or if you are a Carlsbad resident and would like to help support your downtown business community, please visit our Membership page to learn more! And thank you for Shopping and Dining Small in downtown Carlsbad.