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Sep 12

Taste of Carlsbad Village Tickets On Sale

Campfire, Caldo Pomodoro, Vigilucci's, The Goods, Cicciotti's, Senor Grubby's, Swirlicious, Als'...

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Aug 16

Two More Great Carlsbad Village Events!

Mark your calendars!  Two events are coming to the Village that you won't want to miss -...

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Aug 14

Free Willy Splashes Down at the Fountain Thursday Night

Thursday, August 17th -- Come be inspired this Thursday at Flicks at the Fountain when we show...

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Aug 09

LEGO Batman Comes to Carlsbad Village!

Thursday, August 10th -- A cooler than ever Bruce Wayne comes to the fountain this Thursday at...

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Aug 02

Fine Art Meets Urban Art On One Very Special Weekend

Sunday, August 13th -- An amazing array of art is coming to downtown Carlsbad Village in less...

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Aug 01

Come Be Inspired with "Rudy" at Flicks at the Fountain

Thursday, August 3rd -- Named one of the most inspiring movies of all time and one of the best...

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Jul 26

Finding Nemo at Flicks at the Fountain Thursday Night

Thursday, July 27th -- Flicks at the Fountain is half way over!  Come join us and Thursday's...

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Jun 21

Save the Date For Two Summer Events in the Village

Carlsbad Village has long been known for its artistic flair.  From over a dozen art murals...

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May 24

Flicks at the Fountain Thursday Nights

A Village favorite is back!  This free community event is one of the most beloved events in the...

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