Evrbottle Gift Shop

2680 State St
Carlsbad 92008-1626

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An Eco friendly gift shop and home goods made all by the hands of Rusty and Gabby with love for the community and Mother Earth. Growing consciousness one piece at a time. EVRBOTTLE was born from a desire to combine their artistic abilities with their love for the environment. By fusing Rusty’s welding skills with Gabby’s flair for stylish design and by using 100% recyclable glass bottles as their main, raw material, they create products that are completely sustainable. EVRBOTTLE transforms disposable material such as soda, liquor, beer and wine bottles into unique products such as tumblers, vases, lamps, jars, candleholders and their signature drinking glasses. They also make custom metal signs, furniture and other home decor. EVRBOTTLE products are 100% recycled, 100% handmade and 100% local. Expect nothing short of fresh, chic and one of a kind pieces that are completely sustainable and so benefit the environment by reducing unnecessary waste. EVRBOTTLE's creators have sacrificed so much to see this movement that they so strongly believe in come to fruition. They hope you will join them in the fight to eliminate plastic waste from the Earth! Please check out EVRBOTTLE's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/evrbottle and show your support! Thank you #NOPLANETB

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